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Document analysis The following assignment requires you to analyze a series of primary documents re

Document analysis
The following assignment requires you to analyze a series of primary documents related to the case of a fugitive slave who was accused of stealing property in the United States and escaping to Upper Canada. The documents relate quite closely to Lesson 2 and the two articles by David Murray on criminal boundaries and extradition in the nineteenth century. The documents you will analyze for this assignment are titled “Hackett Document Analysis” and are attached
The purpose of the assignment is for you to show your reading comprehension and ability to analyze a series of documents based upon what you learned in Lesson 2. Before beginning the assignment you should closely read the articles in Lesson 2, watch the video podcast, and also read the document “How to read a Primary Document.”
For the assignment you will answer each of the following questions in complete sentences and paragraphs. Please number each question separately. In brackets in each question is a rough indication of how much to write for each question.

All answers must be in complete sentences. Point-form answers are not accepted.

Stronger answers will provide citations. For this assignment, use parenthetical citations — i.e. use citations in parenthesis (Document 1) or (Document 8). Citations are used when you refer to specific information that is not common knowledge. If you quote directly from a document (that is word-for-word) then you must place the quoted material in quotation marks. If you refer directly to the information in a document, but are not using the same words, than you still include a citation but you do not have to use quotation marks.
All assignments are run through plagiarism software. Instances of plagiarism can result in penalty marks, a mark of zero for the assignment, or a case of academic integrity brought against the student.
For more information on what plagiarism is and its consequences please read this.
Please note that plagiarism also includes submitting work for this course which you have previously submitted to this course or to another course.

For this assignment, as well as for written answers on the midterm and final exam, overall, answers are judged by how well you answer the question. More specifically for this assignment, answers will be judged by:

How well you answer the question
How well you support your claims with specific examples from the documents and noted by correct citations
How well your answers are written (that is, better answers are well-written, have few grammatical or spelling errors and so on)

A common pitfall for non-History students in History courses is that they do not write enough in their answers, and they do not spend enough time editing and proof-reading their answers.

For this document analysis answer each of the following questions. Please number your answers 1-4. It is best to avoid repetition in your answers.
1. What is known about Nelson Hackett from these documents? (150-250 words)
2. Why was the principle of extradition an important one for relations between two countries? (150-250 words)
3. Under the laws of the time, were the Canadian government officials correct to order the extradition of Nelson Hackett? (350-500 words)
4. What do these documents inform about how Canadian and American governments and society viewed property rights? (250-300 words)

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