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Consuming Kids Link I have provided the links for a video on YouTube entitlted Second Skin. Student

Consuming Kids Link
I have provided the links for a video on YouTube entitlted Second Skin. Students should view the video (make sure you have a fast internet connection) and then write a 3-4 page double spaced paper (800 words) on your thoughts, reflections, surprise, anger, etc regarding this practice. What can be done about this type of behavior? Who is to blame? Why do these practices continue?

Project Objective: This project will give the student an opportunity to see sociology “in action” in the real world by reading news articles and viewing sociology related videos. Furthermore, the student will have an opportunity to understand the importance of scientific research and how findings have implications not only in public policy making, but in one’s own life as well.

A minimum of 800 words per paper. Papers should also be free of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. The papers should use a readable font of either 10 to 12 and double spaced throughout. Failure to meet these requirements will reduce your grade.

Describe how the video relates to sociology. Find a connection to sociology using a previous chapter, theory, theorists etc.

Explain at least 3 specific examples from the video in which you agreed or disagreed. Explain why you agreed or disagreed. Label these in your paper as example 1, example 2 etc. You can use more than 3 if you would like.

What would you change (add or delete) to the video if you had a chance? Explain why you would take this course of action.

State what you have learned from this video and how you can benefit from this information.

Outside sources can be used, but they must be cited in your paper!

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