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Conduct a research on one of the top fifteen health care organizations in the U.S.

You should begin working on the Stand-Alone Project early in the course. Each assignment provides a benchmark for completing the Stand-Alone Project in a timely manner while working through the course. You will find this information in the “Stand-Alone Project Benchmark” section of each assignment. Rosoff, Pontell, and Tillman (2002) conclude that societal, institutional, and organizational factors generate the opportunities, motives, and means for white-collar criminality. From a societal view, criminologists suggest that the ultimate source of white-collar criminality lies in the “culture of competition” that pervades American society, a culture that emphasizes wealth as a basic symbol of success, without a corresponding emphasis on the legitimate or counter-normative means used to achieve wealth. Institutional factors relate to how a particular industry may provide the means and opportunity for white-collar crimes. Some industries are described as “criminogenic,” an implication that their internal structures play a role in generating criminal activity in the system. Organizational factors place emphasis on how an organization may encourage or promote deviance. For this Stand-Alone Project, you are required to select an industry and a type of white-collar or corporate crime that is prevalent within that industry. You will research the scholarly academic literature, trade publications, and current events in newspapers to find 15 scholarly academic articles and 10 articles from either trade journals or newspapers addressing the type of crime in the industry you select. You will use these articles as the basis of your Secondary Data Analysis Report. Your report should begin with an overview of the industry you selected and a brief discussion of the white-collar or corporate crime that you chose to study within your industry. Discuss the impact this type of crime has on its victims, associated costs, legal issues (i.e., regulation and enforcement), the role of environmental and cultural issues, and prevention measures or remedies. Your Stand-Alone Project responses should be both grammatically and mechanically correct and formatted in the same fashion as the project itself. If there is a Part A, your response should identify a Part A, etc. In addition, you must appropriately cite all resources used in your response and document them in a bibliography using APA style. (300 points) (A 20- to 25-page response is required.) Your report should include the following sections. Introduction: An overview of the industry selected and the prevalence of the crime you choose to research within the industry and society. (10 points) Literature Review: Organize the works in a logical manner and summarize their content. All literary works (25 articles) should be discussed and cited. (75 points) Discussion: Evaluate your Literary Review findings, addressing the following. The nature of the type of crime within your industry and its impact on the victims, associated costs, and relevant legal issues. (60 points) The role of environmental and cultural factors in relation to the type of crime in your industry. (60 points) Social: Has our societal culture forced individuals to engage in crime (i.e., the need to succeed)? Institutional: Are there industry dynamics that create the means and opportunities that attract individuals to engage in criminal activities? Organizational: Are there organizational policies and operational directives that encourage employees to break the law for personal gain or to meet organization objectives and goals? The preventive measures or remedies for the crime within your industry. (30 points) Conclusion: Summarize your research findings. State your opinion on the findings and give support for your opinion. (20 points) Recommendations: Recommend a total of four (4) changes you would make to current prevention methods, governing regulations, or remedies imposed for the type of crime you selected. Include your reasoning behind these recommended changes. (40 points)

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