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complete an online activity that is designed to detect bias that you may have (conscious or not) towards certain groups

For this discussion, you will need to complete an online activity that is designed to detect bias that you may have (conscious or not) towards certain groups. Go to the website by clicking this link: Harvard Project Implicit (if the link does not work, copy and paste the URL below into a new browser tab).Then follow the instructions: will be completing a Social Attitudes test. You can either register for the site, which will give you access to more thorough results, or you can continue as a guestRead the preliminary information and click I wish to proceed at the bottom of the screenFrom the list of tests, select any of the tests you would like to complete except weapons or presidentsRead the instructions on taking the exam and click Click Here to BeginComplete the survey and click Ok (this info is anonymous and will only be used when communicating results)Take the examView your results and make note of themNotes:You must complete the test and obtain results. If you go too slow or make too many mistakes, you will not get results. If this happens, you will need to take the test again until you receive resultsYour results will be stated in a single statement such as “your data suggests a slight preference for group A compared to group B”. Start your discussion thread by stating which test you took. Then provide your results (you do not need to provide any of the graphs if they are provided). Finish with discussing whether or not you agree with the results. Please be honest in your reflection, just make sure to explain why or why not you agree/disagree.   Share this:TwitterFacebook

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