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Common Chemical Hazards and Superfund Sites

Presentation of Research Project  the topic  is     Cost-benefit analysis This research project requires you to critically review assigned current eventsor topicsrelatedtomanagementaccountingandthecontentofthiscourse.For each current event or topic, you are expectedto: 1.          Briefly summarize the chosen or assigned current event ortopic 2.          Explain how you think the current event or topic illustrates theconcept(s) thatthecoursecovers.Thissectionshouldmakespecificreferencetothe course material 3.          Present your research findings with personal opinions about whatthiscurrent event or topic means in relation to management accounting,ethics, and the people in theorganization 4.          Youaretoincludeafinalconcludingsectioninwhichyoutiethearticles together and draw more general conclusions and observationsabout management accounting and how it relates to managingbusiness   YoumayuseprintCanadiansources(e.g.localnewspapers,GlobeandMail, weekly magazines (e.g. McLean, Time, Economist, etc.), online Canadian sources (websites for any newspaper, or otheraccounting websites. You need to include bibliographic references for each referencethat you use according to the APA StyleGuide.          The presentation is expected to be approximately15-20 slides in power-point format. Expect some questions from your peers to answers.   Todemonstrateyourmasteryoftheconcepts,principles,ortheoriesofthe assigned current event or topic, your presentation should includerelevant examples. You might also make appropriate arrangements to includeaudiovisual means to help you deliver your presentationeffectively.

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