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Coming up with a topic for approval.Assignment #2 Topic Approval USE ALL READY CREATED SURVEY (uplo

Coming up with a topic for approval.Assignment #2 Topic Approval


Grading: 10 points

Objective: To think about what types of topics are suitable for your final project
To identify the difference between a research topic, question, and hypothesis.

Assignment: You do not need to do any additional research for this assignment. You simply need to think through the various steps of narrowing a broad topic into a manageable research project. Reading in Schutt should help.

1. You need to pick a topic that you will explore in this assignment and in several future assignments. A suitable topic can be just about anything related to the social and behavioral sciences. It will likely be a single word or concept. Choose a topic that is related to sociology or the social and behavioral sciences in general. If you are having trouble thinking of a topic, look at titles of courses in sociology or think about courses you have had in sociology, psychology, political science, family and consumer studies, etc. Write it down.

2. Next, write a specific research question or questions related to that topic. That is, what is a question you can think of about your topic that would be interesting to know about and important to know about. You may need to write several questions to help you narrow the topic.

3. Now state a specific hypothesis or hypotheses related to what you think is the best research question? A hypothesis identifies a clear independent and dependent variable. It states a direction of association (positive, negative, neutral). It can usually be written into an “if, then” statement. Even a research question that is sufficiently narrow (especially those that are more descriptive) may have multiple hypotheses. See Chapter 2 in Schutt if you are having trouble on this one.

4. Describe why you think the hypotheses are in the direction that you stated. This explanation or discussion would be the start of your “theoretical framework”

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