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You should try to locate at least one scholarly source or one case that has been decided or is currently pending to support your answer. Scenario 1—Law and Ethics is one of the many websites where students can post assignments and offer to pay a certain amount for some strangers to write papers the students can submit to their professors. A student posted a request on asking someone to prepare a 10-page paper that explained the importance of the university’s academic integrity policy and the various reasons for not cheating. The student offered to pay $70 for the paper. What legal and ethical issues do you see with the student posting the assignment so someone else can prepare the paper? Scenario 3—First Amendment Jackson, a student at Rutherford County Middle School, learned he received a D in chemistry, which meant he would have to attend summer school. Jackson posted on Facebook that his chemistry teacher should be shot. Jackson also posted a cartoon that showed the teacher’s head on a dead body. Three days later, Jackson’s mother instructed her son to remove the post. In the meantime, another student printed the post and showed it to the principal, who suspended Jackson for the last two weeks of school. Determine whether Jackson’s statement and the resulting action by the school violate the First Amendment. Provide at least one case to support your answer.

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