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-CHOOSE EITHER: a character from a popular movie or TV show (see below for guidelines on picking a


a character from a popular movie or TV show (see below for guidelines on picking a character).
a real person (about whom you can find enough information to answer the questions below).

-Use your sociological imagination and the concepts studied in Modules B (Culture), C (Socialization), D (Group Interaction), and E (Inequality) to write a 4-6 (double-spaced) page paper showing how this person’s society and interactions influence their personality and behavior.

-Grading will be based primarily on explaining detailed examples that demonstrate understanding of specific sociology concepts; give enough details and explanation to show you know what you’re talking about!

-Include a Bibliography detailing your information sources. This paper must be in your own words, with any quotes clearly marked and cited.

-You may work individually or with one other person. If working with someone else, each person should submit the paper with an extra page at the end, detailing how your group divided the work and how you contributed.

I recommend breaking this up into three or four main sections, responding to at least twelve of these points….

1. Quick summary of who you’re analyzing. Should include:
a. List demographic details: Age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, class, racial and/or ethnic group (give species, if nonhuman).
b. Plot and setting of the story, if using a fictional character. This section should be no more than a short paragraph, and only give a broad overview.

2. What made this person who they are? Should include the influences of (in no particular order):
a. Dominant cultural norms and values.
b. Ethnic or subcultural norms and values.
c. Family and/or other significant others in their early socialization.
d. More recent significant others in their peer group.
e. Secondary institutions (school, media, work).
f. Rites of passage and/or other interactions that changed their looking-glass self.
g. What has influenced their gender identity and conforming to (or deviance from) cultural gender roles?

3. What does this person’s actions show about their values and personality? Should include (in no particular order):
a. How well do they fit with the dominant (or ethnic/sub-) culture in which they live? In what ways are they deviant?
b. Do they respond to culture shock with ethnocentrism or cultural relativism?
c. How do they present themselves on front stage? Do they change their impression management for different groups?
d. When (and with whom) are they on back stage? How honest and complete is their social media presence?
e. When have they experienced role conflict, role strain, or role exit? Which statuses and/or social roles were involved?
f. What are their in-groups and out-groups, and how do they use these as reference groups?
g. What effects do they have on other people? Who do they influence on the micro level? What effects do they have on society at the macro level?

4. Where do you see issues of inequality in this film?
a. How do this character’s ascribed statuses give them advantages and/or disadvantages in life chances?
b. Are there statuses they can or can not achieve due to their ascribed statuses?
c. Does the movie itself promote any forms of equality or inequality?
d. Are any characters portrayed as stereotypes based on their status?

Lion King Example (for more details, see pdf attachment):

DON’T SAY: “Simba’s family shaped his personality.” …This is obvious for anyone.

DO SAY: “Simba’s family demonstrated cultural values of traditional hierarchy and patriarchal gender role norms, which he saw in the looking-glass of his generalized other, making him arrogant.”

If you want more points, expand on this by following up with something like: “However, as a primary significant other, his father’s pluralistic view of other species, and his role-modeling of loving family interactions, taught Simba values of respect and sensitivity.”

If you are using a fictional character: The story should be in-depth enough to relate in detail to most of the concepts we’ve discussed so far. It should show the character going through personality changes, and reveal important information about the character’s personal life and background (including their family, ideally).
Recommended movies and shows: Many Disney (Mulan) and Pixar (Inside Out) movies, HBO shows (Game of Thrones), A Boy’s Life, Dear White People,

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