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Choose an organization that you feel needs change. This organization can be a corporation, a governm

Choose an organization that you feel needs change. This organization can be a corporation, a
government body, a charity, a club, etc. (anything that could be considered an organization).

Answer the following questions in at least one page per question:
1. Why does the organization need change? – Discuss one or more of the environmental pressures for change: fashion pressures, mandated pressures, geopolitical pressures, market decline pressures, hypercompetition pressures or reputation & credibility pressures.

2. What is the change (or what are the changes) you propose? -Be detailed in your description.

3. What type of change is it?
– Is it first order or second order? Explain why. Discuss this answer in light of “Types of Changes” in
chapter 4 (downsizing, technological change, and mergers & acquisitions)

4. What are some types of resistance to your proposed change? – Discuss at least two of the types of resistance identified in chapter 6 (dislike of change, discomfort with uncertainty, perceived negative effect on interests, attachment to the established organizational culture/identity, perceived breach of psychological contract, lack of conviction that change is needed, lack of clarity as to what is expected, belief that the specific change being proposed is inappropriate, belief that timing is wrong, excessive change, and/or perceived clash with ethics).

5. How might the resistance you discussed in question 4 be managed?
-Answer this by discussing it in light of one of the approaches specified in “Managing Resistance” in
chapter 6 (situational approach, “let nature take its course,” creative counters, thought self-leadership, tinkering, kludging, and pacing, or power of resistance).

6. What is your vision of the organization once the change has taken place?

I have Powerpoint Slides in PDF format that I can share if necessary. Please advise.
Textbook used: Managing Organizational Change (Second Edition) – A Multiple Perspectives Approach – McGraw Hill Irwin

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