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Choose a narrative. It can be a novel, movie, poem, short story, or play. Recalling the functions o

Choose a narrative. It can be a novel, movie, poem, short story, or play.
Recalling the functions of rhetoric, discuss how rhetoric functions in the narrative you have chosen.

Below and attached are detailed instructions.
E-book: The History and Theory of Rhetoric: An Introduction, 5e by James Herrick.

Functions of rhetoric:
1. Testing ideas
2. Assisting advocacy
3. Distributing power
4. Discovering facts
5. Shaping knowledge
6. Building community

Discussion points/questions to consider during analysis:
• Did the creator (i.e. author) of the narrative have an intent other than to entertain?
• Did the choice of narrative “type” (i.e. a poem vs. a movie) play a role in the function of
rhetoric in the narrative?
• Is the narrative used to “bring together individuals separated from one another by alienation
and competition” (p. 210)?
• Does Burke’s concept of identification play a role?
• Is there extensive use of symbolism in the narrative?
• Can the narrative be analyzed in terms of Burke’s dramatistic pentad?
• Is there form (i.e. syllogistic, qualitative, conventional) in the narrative?
• How did the situation (per Bitzer) play a role in the rhetoric of the narrative? Consider
exigence, audience, constraints, response.
• What role does language (per Bakhtin) play in the rhetoric of the narrative?
• Is the creator’s (i.e. author’s) voice (per Bakhtin and Booth) evident in the narrative?
• What role do images (“The Rhetoric of Display”) have in the rhetoric of the narrative?

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