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Assignment 1: What does Aimé Césaire reveal about Shakespeare’s play that we might not otherwise hav

Assignment 1:
What does Aimé Césaire reveal about Shakespeare’s play that we might not otherwise have seen? In our class discussions, we found The Tempest raising difficult questions about the nature of human freedom; about the links between knowledge and slavery; about what connects the bonds of love to our love of bondage. As we also noticed in class, Césaire’s 1969 version of the play, A Tempest, updates and complicates these questions, not least by making the earlier play’s implicit treatment of racism an explicit parody of racism. Compose an essay that examines a particular feature of Shakespeare’s play—a character, concept, or question—in light of Césaire’s revision.

Manuscript Format: The essay should be between 1200 and 1800 words in length (4-6 pages). Your manuscript should be double spaced, use 12-point font (preferably Times New Roman), and have 1-inch margins. Do not forget page numbers. Every good paper requires a title.

Bibliographic Info: For this essay, you are only required to cite the literary texts you are analyzing. Since we are all familiar with this source material, you need only to provide parenthetical citations of page numbers from your edition of the text or the provided handout. If you would like to incorporate and cite critical materials we have not discussed in class you may do so, but you should come and speak with me about it first.

Required Texts:

William Shakespeare, The Tempest (Norton, 2003) Aimé Césaire,
A Tempest (TGC Translations, 2002)

ENGL 2110
World Literature
University of West Georgia
Dr. Shannon Finck

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