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As nurses become more self-directed what kind of patient care leadership practices are more effective?

How are you? I hope all is well. Please elaborate, and follow the guideline….I am looking for one page. Be very strict on APA formal…one page is all I need…. Le me know how much ? I will be sending you work every weekAs nurses become more self-directed what kind of patient care leadership practices are more effective?In this discussion, your original posting should include the following:? Overview of managing, leading and following? Overview of leadership practicesTransactional leadershipTransformational leadershipDemocratic, Autocratic & Lassie Faire? Discuss when each practice is more effective- provide examplesI cannot say it enough. Participating in the discussion is a method of learning. The more active you are in researching the topic and preparing your original posting as well as responding to your peers the more you will come to understand the topic and the better you will do overall in the course. Nurses and patient-care leadership practices It is well-aware that the importance of nurses cannot be ignored in the case of patientcare. As according to the Nursing Staffing in Hospitals and… HI Please… View the full answer   Share this:TwitterFacebook

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