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Argument paper supporting the idea that unpaid internships in college are only accessible to student

Argument paper supporting the idea that unpaid internships in college are only accessible to students of higher economic status’.

Argue against a single person/article.

Introduction – You give the background on the topic. Explain why the topic is relevant and important to readers. Introduce the author you are arguing against. Tell your working thesis statement (Main claim with reasons).

First Body Paragraph: Write a fair summary of the article you are arguing against. Consider the claims. Don’t give your opinion here. Just present a fair summary.

Second Body Paragraph: You pick a statement that the article has that you don’t agree with and write it out. Then explain why you do not agree with it.

Third Body Paragraph: This paragraph would be where you find another claim by the same author that you can argue against. Follow same procedure as above.

Fourth Body Paragraph: paragraph with new claim or counter claim –same as above

Conclusion: Restate your thesis, and recap the main points of your argument. If you want, in the conclusion, you can include a call for action, or pose a question for further research. A conclusion has no NEW information.

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