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For the Final Paper, you will write a literature review. During each week of the course, you will develop an annotated bibliography of scholarly articles that are relevant to a chosen theme of cultural competence in early childhood education. The themes are as follows: DIVERSE FAMILY STRUCTURES You will finalize the literature review by incorporating three additional scholarly sources into your paper that highlight the necessity of designing a classroom to meet the needs of diverse learners. Your literature review must include the following: An introduction that provides the reader with an understanding of what research has been completed and why the topic under investigation is important to early childhood education. 1. An explanation of the common ideas or themes in the scholarly sources that you have found. 2. An analysis of what you have learned based your research. 3. An analysis and discussion of how the research findings translate into real-world classroom application. 4. A summary of the information and an explanation of how the information from these articles will impact you in your career. 5. An explanation of how your chosen topic is connected to the other themes that make up overall cultural competence. The three themes to address are: Culturally Relevant Methods Anti-Bias Curriculum Multicultural Education

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