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Answer one of the following questions fully in 2-4 pages. The essay is worth 100 points. Remember t

Answer one of the following questions fully in 2-4 pages. The essay is worth 100 points.
Remember to compose your answer carefully so you include a clear thesis statement that answers the question and describes the core of your analytical argument. Your introduction needs to tell me what evidence you will martial in defense of your thesis. The body of your essay should present that evidence in systematic fashion so as to create your argument. And your conclusion should review the material you’ve covered in a logical and persuasive fashion.
Part of your evidence must come from The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. Part must come from HIST, the document readings and/or lecture material. You must use at least two sources, one of which must be The Narrative. If you use material not assigned in class—such as the internet—you must cite that source ( just as though it were a book. As we’ve discussed in class, you must use quote marks to indicate someone else’s words no matter where you find them, citing the location of those words (HIST, 31), and cite the sources of other evidence (Douglass, 31). Careful citation is necessary to avoid plagiarism. Please see the syllabus under “Important Details” to remind yourself of the penalties for plagiarism.

According to Frederick Douglass, what made slavery wrong? That is, what corruptions did it inflict on society? Include slaves and whites in your answer.

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