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Alterations of Hematology and Cardiovascular Systems Case study 1

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper summarizing the core research elements (problem, purpose, and research questions) you developed in Weeks 4-6. Align these core research elements with a methodology and design. Discuss strategies and techniques for gathering and analyzing empirical data that are aligned to the chosen methodology and design. Include a brief literature review for three peer reviewed sources. Note the following: In a qualitative study, the empirical data will come from talking to or reading transcripts of people’s words. Who and what will your research involve? In a quantitative study, the empirical data will come from measurements of some kind. What data will you need? Once you have identified a source of data and a technique for gathering and analyzing the data, go back and review all the other elements of your proposed research. Identify the research paradigms and method selected for gathering data and analyzing empirical data. Is the language in your problem, purpose, and research questions aligned with the research paradigm and method as incorporated in your plan to gather and analyze data? Ensure consistency across all elements of the research outline including the theoretical basis of the paradigm and method. For example, the positivist paradigm is consistent with a quantitative research method and a specific format for the problem, purpose, and research questions. You may need to tweak some elements further. Refer to the assignment rubric to guide the development of your paper. Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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