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A) Select and read one (1) article that deals with any topic of Health Care in the USA or issues tha

A) Select and read one (1) article that deals with any topic of Health Care in the USA or issues that effects Promoting Better Health for Adults from a professional educational journal or professional internet website. (Do not use articles for children, birth through 17 years of age).

B) Read chapter 4 in Spector.

This assignment has 2 parts. see reading above and then answer the following:

1) Summarize (explain to the reader what the article was about) the selected article on promoting better health for adults, paraphrase in your own words and provide APA formatted citations for the article for both your paraphrased and quoted material. Use only 3rd person pronouns in this section.

2) Write at least 2 paragraphs on your personal suggestions of a method for promoting better health for adults based on the readings in Spector on Healthy People 2020. (paraphrase the article and Spector and provide APA formatted citations). Again use only 3rd person pronouns even in this section.

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