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500-600 words. MLA formatting and citations. Movie titles in italics. Put last name and page number

500-600 words. MLA formatting and citations. Movie titles in italics. Put last name and page number in header on every page. (Aronson, #) The responses should be critical engagement with a specific class/weekly topic, questions posed. You can highlight a particular aspect of a film and how it relates to a topic we covered. They should not be summaries/synopses or a repeat of class lecture. They should reflect some thought about the film and how they relate to the topics we are covering in class. Include your own considered view and analysis. Focus your response and make a clearly defined argument or point. Make sure your thesis is supported in every point and example in each paragraph. The majority of your analysis needs to be on the visuals. Make thoughtful observations and especially perceptive analysis. I WILL GIVE YOU FILM AND TOPIC NEEDED TO BE COVERED FOR THIS CRITICAL ANALYSIS ESSAY. FILM: Vertigo (Alfred Hitchcock) TOPIC: Cinematography but in the specific niche — (controlling of light, shadow, color, contrast, and composition to obtain directors desired look)

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