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3. Expedition Paper. Our course could be subtitled: Channels of Cultural Exchange. Whether by sudd

3. Expedition Paper. Our course could be subtitled: Channels of Cultural Exchange. Whether by sudden violent clashes or gradual osmosis, societies are ever engaged in sharing their ideas, religions,
languages, art, methods for manufacturing or warring, disease, population – the list is long. The tangible results of this relentless exchange are all around us. Fortunately, splendid examples such cultural syntheses are often preserved and displayed in area museums. Here are a few examples as found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

Egyptian mummy portraits during the Roman period displaying Greco-Roman naturalism
Japanese Buddhist sculptures
How Islamic art motifs manifested in India, in Spain
Eastern influences on Greek art during the Archaic period
Impact of Hellenistic styles and concepts of worship on Hindu art

These examples all illustrate the cross-cultural influences of one society on another. And that is precisely the goal of your research: To identify, research, and present an example of cultural exchange. This requirement expects you to be an active observer of your subject matter. This experiential requirement is made much easier by the fact that we are in fairly close proximity to some of the most magnificent art collections in the world.
Your experience will be accompanied by solid research and presented as an 8-12 page paper.
Use your imagination but consult with me before you proceed. Of course your paper must be relevant
to our period of study. Topics will be submitted in writing by an assigned date. (See class schedule.)
I’ll be glad to discuss possible topics with anyone who is having trouble coming up with an idea.
You must adhere to generally accepted norms of style and citation; you may choose which one, e.g.
Turabian, Chicago, MLA. I prefer footnotes at the bottom of each page. Papers lacking proper citation
will not be accepted. Papers must be submitted on the due date for full credit.
Source Requirements: No encyclopedias or course texts. Books should comprise 50% of your source
material with college level internet sources, interviews if appropriate, and journal essays making up the
Please consult this cite for a brief compendium of proper citation styles:

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