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1 PSYC 3214 Cognitive Psychology Paper 2 Generate a 2 to 3 page single – spaced typed paper that a

PSYC 3214
Paper 2
Generate a 2 to 3 page single

spaced typed paper
that addresses
of the following claims or answers
ONE of the following questions:
People are capable of performing two tasks a
t once without serious performa
nce decrements
for either task.
Do survival processing effects reflect a “tuning” of human memory to make information
relevant to survival particular memorable? Or, can these effects be explained with other
factors already s
tudied in memory such as levels of processing and the congruity effect?”
the attached Nairne et al. (2008) article for a start on this topic.
In Module 6, we
discussed four different possibilities for the mental representation of
categories: rules (i.
e., classical view), prototypes, exemplars, and implicit theories
frequently referred to as causal theories)
. There is evidence that we may use all four kinds of
representations. However, which of the above representations do you think is primary? T
is, which kind of representation do we rely most of the time, using most readily or

process models of reasoning and decision making do a better job of accounting for
individuals’ reasoning and decision making performance than do si

process models.
When information is presented fluently, individuals will use System 1 for reasoning and
decision making. When information is presented disfluently, individuals will use System 2 for
reasoning and decision making

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