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1a). What is learning? 1b). Identify the key features of classical and operant conditioning. 1c). Ho

1a). What is learning? 1b). Identify the key features of classical and operant conditioning. 1c). How are classical and operant conditioning different?

2a.) Identify strategies you can employ to increase desirable behaviors and decrease undesirable behaviors. 2b). What are the drawbacks of using physical or intense punishment as a means to decrease undesirable behavior. 2c). Explain the concept of time out and response cost.

3a). Identify and explain the four concepts Bandura outlined in observational learning. 3b). How can teachers use observational learning in the classroom?

4a). What are some self-talk strategies that students and teachers can use to cope more effectively with stressful situations? 4b). What does self-regulatory learning consist of?

5a). Explain the following concepts: selective attention, divided attention, sustained attention, and executive attention. 5b). Explain the following types of memory: sensory memory, short term memory and long term memory. 5c). Explain the different types of long term memory.

6a). What is the encoding specificity principle? 6b). Explain how forgetting occurs due to decay theory and interference theory.

7a). What are some good note taking strategies? Have you implemented any of these? If so, how did they work? If not, identify which strategies you used and whether they are effective. 7b). Discuss developmental changes that occur over time that impact memory, thinking and acquiring knowledge.

8a). What is the difference between thinking, executive function, reasoning, critical thinking, decision making and creative thinking? 8b). Your text highlights limits to thinking such as functional fixedness and mental set. Select one and explain how you have used it before in your own life. 8c). Identify and explain the five characteristics of project based learning.

9a). What is transfer? 9b). Identify and explain four types of transfer.

10a). What is scaffolding? 10b). How can a teacher use cognitive apprenticeship in the classroom?

11a). Explain benefits of providing tutoring and receiving tutoring from a peer. 11b). How is tutoring different from cooperative learning? Do you think cooperative learning is useful? Why or why not?

12a). What are some advantages to engaging in small group work? Did you like this type of work in school? Why or why not? 12b). How can teachers enhance team building skills?

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