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1. Discuss what is meant by puberty. What are the typical signs of puberty? Be sure to include discu

1. Discuss what is meant by puberty. What are the typical signs of puberty? Be sure to include discussion of primary and secondary sex characteristics; the adolescent growth spurt; signs of sexual maturity and secular trend.

2. The textbook identifies several eating related disorders, such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Discuss the main characteristics and symptoms associated with both eating disorders. Further, discuss obesity and factors that can contribute to obesity during adolescence.

3. Discuss factors that contribute to death in adolescence. Be sure to include discussion of depression when highlighting suicide.

4. Detail significant occurrences during Piaget’s stage of formal operations. What is meant by hypothetical-deductive reasoning? Identify and explain three immature characteristics of adolescent thought.

5. Discuss the following influences on school achievement: student motivation and self-efficacy; gender; technology; parenting practices, ethnicity and peer influences.

6. Identify and explain Marcia’s four identity statuses.

7. Identify and explain characteristics, features, symptoms and treatments for three sexually transmitted infections (STI’s.)

8. Identify and discuss three common forms of dating violence. Describe typical romantic relationships in adolescence and the importance of friendships during this stage of development.

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