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• Summary of the Medical Condition o Define and describe the medical condition or health topic of in

• Summary of the Medical Condition
o Define and describe the medical condition or health topic of interest (15)
• Definitions: In one paragraph, define the medical condition or health state, how it is recognized in people, and the major characteristics of the biological systems underlying the condition.
• 1-2 citations
• throughout the course, use in-text citations either with a number or author’s name so that we can easily see which source you got each piece of information from–using the footnotes function in Word is encouraged because it makes it easy to see the reference information without going to the back of the paper
o Causes of this medical or health condition (15)
• Etiology: The etiology of a disease is the set of factors that caused the disease to emerge. These can include factors like demographics, genetics, environmental exposures, behaviors, and related traits that either make an individual vulnerable to the disease or directly cause the disease to occur in a particular individual. Review the major known etiological factors of the disease or health condition of interest. If there are only one or two known factors, go into more detail, if there are many, then simply listing them is enough. But when giving a longer list, try to give the reader a sense of which determinants are most important/have the greatest effect and which play a lesser role.
• Include 2-3 citations.
• Case Study
o Description of the individual (15)
• Case Characteristics: Describe a hypothetical individual with the condition. You can make up a story based on someone you know personally, but don’t give away anything that could lead anyone who found your paper on your computer to know who you were talking about (keep things in general terms). Insofar as each of the following are relevant to the etiology of the medical condition of interest, describe demographics, family history or specific genetic mutations, environmental exposures, behaviors, and related traits either known or suspected to exist in the individual. (no refs needed)
o Prognosis and Therapeutic Scenarios (15)
• Typical Prognosis: Find and summarize information about the likely outcome for people similar to your case. Is the medical condition permanent, and if not, what is the typical time scale (seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades)? Is it treatable or curable? Is it likely to lead to comorbidities? Is it expected to influence quality of life?
• Modifiable Factors that May Influence Prognosis: What changes in lifestyle or use of medical technology could influence prognosis in a positive or negative way? Focus on issues most relevant to your patient’s condition, situation, and panel of risk factors. How much and what kind of benefit or harm is likely to result from these changes?
• 2-4 citations
• Reference list (10)
o Across the sections described above, at least six original references are required. Use a format you are familiar with (APA, MLA) or use AMA format with the an endnotes or footnotes feature. Each reference must be complete (some indication of author as an individual or an organization, some title, some date, and something like a journal or name of database or other indication of the source). Also it is good to include a hyperlink to a stable URL so that we can see what you are citing.
o Professional sources acceptable for this assignment include websites from reliable organizations and agencies (e.g. NIH, CDC, WHO, scientific societies, Mayo/Cleveland Clinic, etc.) and from peer reviewed journal articles and books. At least three articles must be from peer reviewed scientific journal articles that are indexed in PubMed.

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